These are the current listings for Fallbrook, California homes priced from $250,000 to $500,000. Fallbrook currently has a strong supply of real estate for sale in this range, but in our experience, most buyers in the under $500,000 range are finding it difficult to locate homes that meet all their ambitious requirements. So if you see a property that fits most of your criteria, be prepared to make a competitive offer in a timely fashion. Even in today’s challenging selling environment, the best homes in this price range will typically attract qualified buyers.

Most homes under $500,000 are located in or near the “Village” area of Fallbrook. Rarely will homes in this range exceed 3,000 square feet, with most homes less than 2,500 square feet. Lot sizes at the upper end of this price range will usually top out at 1 acre.

A much smaller percent, perhaps less than 20% will be located in the outlying “estate” zoned areas of the region. In South Fallbrook (Winterwarm and southward, south of Green Canyon Road and Reche Road) there are very few homes available in this price range. Be prepared to pay a premium for most homes in South Fallbrook where lot sizes are 2 acres or more and surrounding homes are larger custom-built, executive homes, villas, and estates.

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